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Мойка Comet KCS 550 T

Comet KCS 550 T
— производитель: Comet (Комет)
— модель: KCS 550 T
— профессиональная мойка
— давление до 180 бар
— для сети 380/400 В В
— очистка замерзшей поверхности
— очистка с моющим средством
— артикул BS0-13104

Характеристики и обзор Comet KCS 550 T

Сегодня на тесте профессиональная мойка Комет, полное название модели Comet KCS 550 T. Эта мойка у меня уже 9 месяцев, могу сделать некоторые выводы и сформировать позитивное мнение. Итак, она на все 100% выполняет возложенные на неё функции, недостатка в мощности не наблюдалось, рабочее давление в среднем до 180 бар, расход воды по паспорту , потребляемая максимальная мощность в пределах разумного для такого аппарата. Комплектация выше среднего, не скажу, что чего-то не хватает, но как всегда может быть лучше. Смотрите полный видеообзор ниже.

I am not a bike mechanic
Changing the oil tutorial for my 1980 Kawasaki KZ550. When searching Youtube for tutorials on my bike - I find results for every bike except my 1980 KZ550 so figure it is time I start uploading some to help others....There's no sound because I wanted to use a cheap camera with no mic to try this for the first time. I went out in the country to see how fast I could get it. Since the needle pegs out at 85 I don't know how fast i was going, but let up cause the bike started to wobble too much.My '83 KZ550 is lowered and stretched. I stretched the swingarm exactly 6" and that made the new chain length 120 links. I had to cut the back fender to clear the tire, so I cut it even with the bottom of the tail piece, so you can't even see it under there. To lower the bike, I removed the shocks from the back and made simple struts out of steel. I welded them on, but a lot of people just bolt them in place of the shocks. Anyone can do that mod with a hacksaw and a drill. So that gave me a much lower ride height in the back. To lower it on the front end, I just took the caps off of the top of the shocks and let the gas out of them. This made the front end much lower. The handle bar is just a simple straight drag bar I got for 20 bucks. I took off the turn signals and replaced them with the modern aftermarket mini LED style lights for 26 bucks. I had to replace the flasher to work with the LEDs and that was about 5 bucks. I painted the wheels black and I cut off the mufflers and added slash-cut tips. The muffler shop charged me 20 bucks for that. Then I wrapped the headers with header wrap. That was about 30 bucks. I took the air cleaner box off and replaced it with 4 chrome high-flow racing air filters. I had to re-jet the carbs because of the increased air flow resulting from the mufflers and air filters being removed. I went from stock 92 jets to 130 jets, and that cost about 15 bucks. It still runs a little lean, so I can even go bigger, but I like the way it pops and crackles like a dragbike. I cut everything off of the bike that I could to make it lighter, and to smooth out it's appearance. I love it.Release Date: September 2008.

I play Spore in 1080p on Max settings, 4x anti-aliasing. Hard difficulty with help with a trainer.

Intel Core i7-2600K & ASUS P8Z68-V Pro GEN3 Motherboard
MSI GeForce GTX 550 Ti OC 950MHZ (N550GTX-Ti M2D1GD5/OC)
Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600MHz (CML8GX3M2A1600C9)
XFX 850W PRO850W XXX Edition Single Rail Power Supply.
My Two 200GB, 2.5" notebook Hard drives I already had, set it up in RAID 0.

There's a strong case to be made that Maxis excels at making software toys rather than games. And there's a not so insignificant difference there, because a toy is something that you tinker with, whereas a game is something with a narrative, goals, or a way to win. That may be why Maxis titles have so much appeal. SimCity lets you indulge your inner mayor. Meanwhile, The Sims is the ultimate virtual dollhouse, letting you create your dream house and, by extension, your dream family. But now we come to Spore, the most ambitious Maxis product to date, and one that's as much as a game as it is a toy. Sure, you can tinker with Spore, but there's also a game here, one that involves the long struggle of life as it evolves and advances from a tiny cellular organism to intergalactic space travel. In fact, Spore is essentially five distinct games woven together. And here, Maxis demonstrates a weakness, as a number of these games come off as lightweight or limited. However, Spore is a prime example of something that is much more than the sum of its many parts.

I like to think of Spore as astrobiology in a box. Astrobiology is the field of science dedicated to thinking about what life on other planets might look like. To do that, it has to draw upon a wide range of scientific fields. Astronomy helps ascertain what sort of galactic conditions are needed to find a planet that will support life. Chemistry helps figure out where that life might have come from, while biology helps explain how it might evolve. Even societal studies, such as civics, might explain how advanced life might organize. Like classic Maxis games such as SimCity and SimEarth, Spore tackles complex subjects and makes them relatable to the player in an engaging way. Basically, Will Wright is the science teacher you wish you had in school.

The easiest way to look at Spore is take it apart stage by stage. So we kick off with the Cell Stage. Spore begins with a comet crashing to a planet's surface, seeding it with bacteria that evolve to become tiny cellular organisms, and you are one of them. This is an old fashioned, top-down arcade game, but one with bright, eye-catching graphics. You swim about the primordial oceans, eating as a carnivore, herbivore, or ominvore. Eating gives you DNA points that you can use to evolve your creature in the cell editor. There are also six different "parts" that you can discover, and these parts can give you different abilities. Water jets let you squirt faster through the water, fins let you maneuver better, spikes give you armor against predators, and so on.

There's something to be said about life in the ooze; it's easy, you swim around trying to eat but not be eaten. It's saying something of the game's design that even these tiny creatures are capable of conveying so much expression, particularly in their eyes. You see them panic and flee when chased, or a slight gleam when they see something they want to eat. Even the little chirps and noises they utter are grin inducing. Alas, all good things must come to an end, because as you eat and evolve, your creature becomes larger and larger until you finally fill up the evolution meter at the bottom of the screen, meaning that you're ready to sprout legs and move on to the next stage of Spore. Unfortunately, I found myself wanting to stay a bit longer in the ooze to evolve even further. There are bigger, meaner creatures to be found, and it'd be great if you could evolve to take them down.

Let's detour to Spore's user-created content for a moment. When you encounter another creature, vehicle, or building in spore, click on it and it's added to the built-in Sporepedia catalog. The Sporepedia is an incredible resource, since it keeps track of not only the content that you encounter in your current game, but it lets you access an entire universe of content created by Maxis and Spore players from around the world. Just witness the wild success of the Spore Creature Creator, one of the editors in the game that was released separately earlier this year. By molding and flexing the many different parts, users from around the world created more than three million creatures with an astonishing amount of variety. And it's very impressive how well it works. No matter how bizarre the creature, you still get a sense of emotions from them, from sad, to happy, to scared, to angry. They animate properly, and they move like you imagine they should. It's just an incredible technical accomplishment.The KS Robot 550 is a mobile glazing device made in germany who can lift 550 kg. For more Information visit our website: www.ksschulten.com
Всего просмотров: 5912
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Оценка Comet KCS 550 T на Bravisan.ru: 5 из 5 на основании 48 голосов.

Что спрашивают чаще всего после покупки

  • Что в комплекте с Comet KCS 550 T? Какие насадки и щетки идут в комплекте?
  • В планах использование активной пены для мойки автомобиля, коплектуется ли Комет KCS 550 T специальным пенообразователем? Если нет, то как тогда распылять пену?
  • Отзывы покупателей о мойке Comet KCS 550 T: плюсы и минусы данной модели минимойки. Если не эту, то какую рекомендуете лично Вы?
  • В инструкции указано, что мойка создает давление воды до 180 бар, что это значит? На что влияет этот параметр и какой оптимальный показатель для домашней эксплуатации?
  • Увы, вышла из строя моя минимойка :( Беглый осмотр выявил неисправность насоса, к кому обращаться по поводу ремонта? Гарантия закончилась
  • Какая технология забора воды у данной модели мойки Комет, могу ли я брать воду из бочки или резервуара дождевой воды без подключения к городскому водопроводу? Я так понимаю, что мне нужно будет дополнительно приобрести всасывающий шланг с фильтром и обратным клапаном?
  • Хочу купить для дачи, иногда машину помыть, вода из колодца, подойдет ли этот аппарат или искать что-то попроще? Ориентир на цену, дорогие экземпляры откидываю сразу. Обязательно должна быть в комплекте пенная насадка для бесконтактной мойки.
  • Знаю, что минимойка не может работать длительное время без отдыха, перегревается и соответственно ломается, не могу найти в паспорте какое время беспрерывной работы KCS 550 T заложено производителем
  • Как заменить/почистить фильтр Comet для очистки воды? Как часто нужно проводить эту процедуру?
  • Металическая или пластиковая помпа: за и против.

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