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Мойка Aiken PW 120S

Aiken PW 120S
— производитель: Aiken (Аикен)
— модель: PW 120S
— бытовая мойка
— давление до 120 бар
— очистка с моющим средством
— производительность 360 л/час
— потребляет 1.6 кВт⋅ч
— артикул BS0-585

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Я сразу понял, что она идеальна :), это бытовая мойка Аикен, полное название модели Aiken PW 120S. Эта мойка у меня уже 6 месяцев, могу сделать некоторые выводы и сформировать позитивное мнение. Итак, она на все 100% выполняет возложенные на неё функции, недостатка в мощности не наблюдалось, рабочее давление в среднем до 120 бар, расход воды по паспорту 360 л/час, потребляемая максимальная мощность 1.6 кВт⋅ч в пределах разумного для такого аппарата. Комплектация выше среднего, не скажу, что чего-то не хватает, но как всегда может быть лучше. Смотрите полный видеообзор ниже.

Clay discusses the effect he has on his audience. I was in the 2nd row, where a lady in the previous night's concert had a seizure during the show, so he specifically told us to "Watch Out!". Really, he should come with a warning label. =)THIS IS GREAT!!! YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE THIS FRIENDLY RABBIT....Beautiful and mellow version of Row row row your boat - illustration and animation by Adam Aiken
This is a beautiful and mellow version of the nursery rhyme "Row row row your boat". Illustrated and animated by Adam Aiken. More nursery rhymes at Please visit our channel or website for more nursery rhymes. We try to create the highest quality animations possible for children and pre-school children. The music is carefully composed and thought about to be as beautiful, engaging and as un-annoying as possible! We always welcome comments and suggestions so please just go to the channel or send us a message.
Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.
Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the river.
If you see a polar bear
Don't forget to shiver
Row, row, row your boat,
Gently through the park
If you see a puppy dog
Don't forget to bark
Rock rock rock your bot
Gently to and fro
Watch out give a shout
In to the water we go
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream
Clay Aiken challenges an audience member to sing the lyrics to a popular Christmas Carol onstage at the Chandler, AZ show of the Joyful Noise 2012 Tour, on December 20, 2012.Regular updates on this year's An Post Rás are available on www.anpostras.ie and twitter.com/anpostras.
County rider Roger Aiken put in a phenomenal performance on day seven of An Post Rás, agonisingly missing out on a memorable stage victory which was won by Czech rider Tomas Okrouhlicky (Czech Republic Sparta Praha). The Louth Prague Charter rider finished inches behind Okrouhlicky in the sprint to the line, with Jacub Kratochvila (Austria Arbo Gebruder Weiss) marginally back in third place.
The trio led the breakaway into the finish from 25 kilometres out and crossed the line twenty three seconds ahead of the yellow jersey group containing Marcin Bialoblocki (Britain UK Youth Pro Cycling), Connor McConvey (Azerbaijan Synergy Baku) and Rasmus Guldhammer. The result means no change at the top of the general classification (GC) with Bialoblocki leading, but McConvey and Guldhammer locked on the same time as the Polish rider heading into tomorrow's final stage.
Aiken's magnificent ride today saw him move up to eighth position in the GC overtaking Simon Yates (Great Britain National Team) whilst also claiming the county rider jersey for the stage.
Today's penultimate stage from Carlow to Naas was arguably the toughest, with eight climbs facing the riders in the 141 kilometre route. Four of those climbs qualified as either first or second category ascents, making for a very difficult day in the saddle.
It was a fast paced first hour of racing with several attempts at a breakaway proving unsuccessful. Six riders eventually went clear approaching the category two climb of Ballythomas, including Kenny De Ketele (Belgium National Team), Okrouhlicky and yesterday's stage winner, Rico Rogers (Azerbaijan Synergy Baku).
Entering Arklow, at the 60 kilometre mark, the breakaway had opened a lead of one minute forty seconds. De Ketele and Okrouhlicky pushed further ahead before the Belgian rider was dropped, leaving Okrouhlicky riding solo out in front.
Aiken was lurking all the while behind and gave chase to the leader along with Kratochvila, narrowing the gap to only ten seconds. The Irish man briefly overtook Okrouhlicky to lead the race, before the trio came together on the descent of the category one Wicklow Gap.
Meanwhile, in the main bunch, Bialoblocki led the chase one minute back with McConvey and Guldhammer unable to distance themselves from the yellow jersey holder.
With 10 kilometres to go it was clear that the lead trio would not be caught and it came down to a scintillating sprint finish on the straight into Naas town centre, with Okrouhlicky pipping Aikens to the line.
Despite a magnificent performance Aiken's was disappointed not to take the stage victory.
"It's disappointing not to get the win. I was riding hard at the end, going for time, to try move myself up in the GC, but maybe I should have conserved my legs to try take the stage but I had a go anyway.
Today was hard because it's the end of the week and everybody's tired, the legs aren't as fresh but it's the second day in a row our team (Louth Prague Charter) have taken the county jersey so we have to be pleased with that," Aikens added.
There was no change to the king of the mountains jersey or the under-23 jersey with Martin Hunal (Czech Republic Sparta Praha) and Simon Yates (Great Britain National Team) once again holding claim to them. Owain Doull overtook Bialoblocki to lead the Sprints classification and take the green jersey.Subscribe to TSL on Youtube :
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Cross-published with express permission from
About Ed Aiken :
"I have spent most of my life learning about the mind and body. I have over 30 years experience in martial arts, hypnosis, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, etc. At Force Dynamix we offer different trainings in martial arts fitness, self-defense, JKD concepts, social hypnosis, clinical hypnosis, group dynamics, force on force handgun training scenarios, and more.
I am fully certified in various martial arts and mental arts and am excited to bring to you the cutting edge in mind and body training. Here is a brief list of some of my qualifications :
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do Concepts
Years of experience in Thai Boxing, Savate, Judo, Kali, MMA, etc.
Certified Professional Advanced Clinical Hypnotist
Certified Master Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Certified Practiioner of Hemispheric Integration
Have developed numerous Programs about Fitness, Self-Defense, and Change Work
Have personally taught large Corporations, UFC/MMA Fighters, Celebrities, Government Agencies and Law Enforcement
Through our boot camps, clinics, group classes, online training, and intensive personal training programs...we aim to deliver the most realistic and well-rounded mind and body training available anywhere ... let alone here in Austin TX."
Visit Ed at :
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  • Что в комплекте с Aiken PW 120S? Какие насадки и щетки идут в комплекте?
  • В планах использование активной пены для мойки автомобиля, коплектуется ли Аикен PW 120S специальным пенообразователем? Если нет, то как тогда распылять пену?
  • Отзывы покупателей о мойке Aiken PW 120S: плюсы и минусы данной модели минимойки. Если не эту, то какую рекомендуете лично Вы?
  • В инструкции указано, что мойка создает давление воды до 120 бар, что это значит? На что влияет этот параметр и какой оптимальный показатель для домашней эксплуатации?
  • Увы, вышла из строя моя минимойка :( Беглый осмотр выявил неисправность помпы, к кому обращаться по поводу ремонта? Гарантия закончилась
  • Какая технология забора воды у данной модели мойки Аикен, могу ли я брать воду из бочки или резервуара дождевой воды без подключения к городскому водопроводу? Я так понимаю, что мне нужно будет дополнительно приобрести всасывающий шланг с фильтром и обратным клапаном?
  • Хочу купить для дачи, иногда машину помыть, вода из колодца, подойдет ли этот аппарат или искать что-то попроще? Ориентир на цену, дорогие экземпляры откидываю сразу. Обязательно должна быть в комплекте пенная насадка для бесконтактной мойки.
  • Знаю, что минимойка не может работать длительное время без отдыха, перегревается и соответственно ломается, не могу найти в паспорте какое время беспрерывной работы PW 120S заложено производителем
  • Как заменить/почистить фильтр Aiken для очистки воды? Как часто нужно проводить эту процедуру?
  • Металическая или пластиковая помпа: за и против.

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